Monthly Archive: February 2016

An Update on Saskatoon’s Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue (Feb 16, 2016 meeting)

A few years ago, a group of evangelicals in Saskatoon initially appointed by our ministerial began to sit down with a group of Catholics for a dialogue, meeting regularly to discuss the ways in which our faith is similar to each other, where it is different and ways that we can work together.

Out of this process a dialogue statement has been produced as a work in progress… along with a number of responses from the local evangelical community. Some responses I’ve received from evangelicals are very supportive of this dialogue, while others seem to have some great difficulties with why there should even be a dialogue at all.

A panel will be speaking at our next Saskatoon Evangelical Ministry Fellowship meeting to answer your questions and address your concerns.   Come be a part of this meeting and let your voice be heard.   And as always, come for the fellowship… for the connection with other men & women of God in leadership in the church of Jesus Christ in Saskatoon.

Here are the details for our February meeting….

  • THEME:                    An Update on Saskatoon’s Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue
  • DATE/TIME:            Tues. February 16th, 2016, 12noon – 1:30pm
  • LOCATION:             Preston Avenue Community Church – 2216 Preston Avenue
  • COST:                        $10/person for food & fellowship
  • Please RSVP to:
  • If you are planning on coming, do not forget to RSVP, by Friday, Feb.12th. If you do RSVP, please make sure you show up!


God bless …

Brad Mayer (SEMF Chair)