SEMF Christmas banquet highlights:)

Our 2014 SEMF Annual Christmas dinner was a blessed time to connect with other leaders and guests and to celebrate the reason for the season: “Jesus! The Gift that keeps on giving!” It’s always exciting visiting different churches and ministries around the city! There is nothing more beautiful than being welcomed in each others ‘Homes” as we work together in faith as “one”.Here are a few highlights from the luncheon as they say: “pictures share a thousand word”s:

Decadent desserts- At Christmas, there is a wee more effort put into the presentation of the meal- Thanks so much JP for the lovely buffet- give thanks to your crew!

Our Swedish Chef gives us the lowdown on what we were eating- such creative fun for a bunch of faith filled leaders who appreciate good food, fun and fellowship!  Thanks Rock of Ages Church for hosting our 2014 banquet! We love going to different churches each month to host our monthly fellowship gatherings… ROA and the fireside lounge was a great place for this year’s event:)


Service project after the meal and carling was assisting with Stephens Backpacks- Thanks Larry and Becky for putting this together with us and for the kids! Grateful for this opportunity to serve together in a tangible way amidst our own full schedules!

Incredible meal:)

Beautiful food- amazing presentation! We have a bit more special service and ambiance for our Christmas banquet and this meal truly was enjoyed by all! (even with those who had the inner voices say “Eat your brussel spouts!”


Buffet Bounty IMG_6582IMG_6567IMG_6579