February 17th – A pastoral approach to holy sexuality

A Pastoral Approach to Holy Sexuality


In an ever-changing society, human sexuality has become a hot topic of our day, and pastors find it challenging to address issues like pornography, premarital cohabitation, marital infidelity, abortion, or the issue of same-sex marriage to name a few.   Wilna Van Beek will be our special guest at our next meeting of the Saskatoon Evangelical Minister’s Fellowship, where she will incorporate her own personal journey as a former lesbian, and share how she felt separated from God as she practiced and lived a homosexual life.  She will address several dilemmas that pastors and Christian leaders face, and present a much-needed fresh approach to dealing with homosexuality in the day we live in.  


Here are the details about our February meeting….

·       THEME:                     A Pastoral Approach to Holy Sexuality

·       DATE/TIME:             Tuesday, February 17th, 2015, 12noon – 1:30pm

·       LOCATION:                         Holy Covenant Church – 1426 Alexandra Avenue

·       COST:                       Our lunch together is just $5/person.  

·       Please RSVP to:        semfellowship@gmail.com

·       If you are planning on coming, do not forget to RSVP.  If you do RSVP, please make sure you show up! 


God bless …


Brad Mayer (SEMF Chair)