Nov 18th Highlights! (Survey reminder)

Our Nov 18th meeting on “Church and Technology” was engaging and we thank Gil Klassen and the staff at YFC for hosting November’s meeting and leading us in the conversation. Here is the link to those areas covered for you to dive into the resources further. If you have other resources you’d like to share with our faith community, feel free to email Gil and they can consider adding! Here is the link for reference: Gil’s email:

We’ll keep this open for another month and will report the results at our Jan. Meeting! There are only 10 questions that will take no more than 10-15 minutes of your time. Thank you in advance for your participation (and to those who have thus far!)

Save the date! An invite will be going out soon for our December 16th Christmas luncheon! It will be held at Rock of Ages Lutheran Church catered once again this year by Jakob and there will be an service opportunity during our luncheon to bless local children in need through our efforts. More information to come!


1) The End of Life workshops on November 26th and 28th (addressing the topic of Euthanasia and the call for the Church to be a voice for all those in our care and influence to “live with dignity” at each stage of life), see attached invitations and personal letter from Bishop Don Bolan on our Google Cal- side link.

2) Evangelical/ Catholic Dialogue mtg: “We Acknowledge our Differences” on December 4th at 7pm is the second set of community dialogue addressing the second section of the 3 part document within community relations between Evangelicals/ Catholics in our city. We encourage you to attend these gatherings (or send another from your church/ ministry) as they require our attention and prayerful input/ discernment as we walk together in truth and grace. (See invite on our Google Cal- side link)